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2013 Position Papers

United Spinal Association is committed to advancing public policies that lead to greater civil rights and independence for people with disabilities. Throughout our history, we have advocated on behalf of individuals living with spinal cord injuries and disorders through state and federal legislation and accessibility litigation in the courts. Our members know that we are on their side and we will remain there until our support is no longer needed. By leveraging all of our resources, we have stronger involvement in community affairs and more opportunities to advance public policies allowing us to form key alliances that expand the reach of our mission.


A  Separate Medicare Complex  Rehabilitation Technology Benefit is Needed
We support the passage of HR 942/S. 948, Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act, which will create a separate benefit category for complex rehab technology and ensure access to critical medical equipment for people with disabilities.


Congressional Bipartisan Disabilities Caucus
We urge members of Congress to join the United States House of Representatives’ Bipartisan Disabilities Caucus and support the rights of individuals living with disabilities.


My Medicaid Matters: Protect and Increase Essential Home and Community-Based Services
We promote adequate funding for all Medicaid services that allow people with disabilities to remain in their homes and contribute to the community.


UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Disabilities Treaty)
We support ratification of the Disabilities Treaty to continue to advance the rights of people with disabilities throughout the world.


A Path to an Improved Quality of Life: Support the ABLE Act of 2013
We support the ABLE Act which will help individuals and families save private funds to support people with disabilities for the purpose of maintaining their health, independence, and quality of life.


Preserve Access to Medical Equipment, Supplies and Related Services: Support HR 1717
We support HR 1717 Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Program Act of 2013 which will fix Medicare’s current bidding program through market-based pricing, protect people with disabilities’ access to medically necessary medical equipment and related services and ensure that individuals with disabilities receive high-quality service and equipment that will give our community the ability to live active, productive independent lives with improved health outcomes.


Preserve Social Security Benefits – Vital Programs for People with Disabilities
Oppose the Chained CPI which lowers social security benefits significantly over time and support the Chained CPI-E (Experimental Price Index for the Elderly) to calculate SSI and SSDI to ensure people with disabilities continue to have the critical income support they need to cover essential needs such as food, medicine and shelter.


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