North Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association




NCSCIA Board of Directors

Board Chairperson
Kathy Thompson
Vice Chairperson
Debbie Johnson
Cheryl Bennett
Programming Chairperson
Justin Richardson
Board Member
Kevin Bailey
Board Member
Dan Watkins
Board Member
Karen Antis
Board Member
Chris Rivera
Board Member
Dr. LaTanya Lofton
Board Member
Maja Lisa Pressley
Board Member
Monique Stamps
Board Member
Courtney Matrunick
Board Member


Front Row, L-R
Kevin Bailey, Dan Watkins, Debbie Myers, Justin Richardson

Back Row, L-R
Kathy Thompson, Debbie Johnson, Cheryl Bennett, Karen Vasquez, Elaine Rohlik, Karen Antis, Malcolm Woodard


“As a board member, I want to be a part of helping others to enjoy the things they enjoyed before their injury.  Whether that means playing adapted sports, learning to travel independently, or finding new passions, I want to part of helping people to realize the abilities that they still have despite their disabilities.”  (Kevin Bailey)

“Helping to start the Raleigh Sidewinders, traveling to tournaments with the team, and volunteering at the annual Raleigh Rumble has been the most meaningful part of my 17+ year PT career. And it's not just an athletic outlet - players learn tricks of traveling with a disability, encourage each other in healthier habits, make social connections, and learn more advanced mobility skills that help them be more independent in their everyday lives.”  (Debbie Johnson)

“My passion is seeing these people adjust to their situation, try new ways of navigating everyday life while gaining a restored confidence and independence.” (Cheryl Bennett)

“Members of NCSCIA provide support to each other, help answer a multitude of questions and inspire each other through life experience that quality of life is still high despite physical challenges and barriers.”  (Elaine Rohlik)

“The group is a place where people can share feelings, resources and tricks they have learned that make life with a SCI easier.”  (Karen Vasquez)



NCSCIA Board Meetings

2018 Board Meeting Dates

No current postings. Check back soon.



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